Outfit of the Day!!

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so I decided to wear a light blue denim skirt. This has buttons all the way down the front. This skirt was originally from New Look but I bought it about 2 years ago and its been a staple piece of my wardrobe ever since. I paired this skirt with a cropped jumper/top which has a V styled neck with rope which is a very flattering detail.


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32 Blog Post Ideas! Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion

Hey Everyone,

Recently I have realised how hard it can be to Come up with inspiration for your blog. Ive come up with some blog post ideas that I’m definitely going to be using very soon.  I hope these are useful for you 🙂


  1. Lookbook
  2. Outfit of the Day
  3. Outfits of the week
  4. Newest trends I am loving
  5. Clothing Hauls 
  6. Celebrity Style Inspiration 
  7. Celebrity style transformations

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Selena at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards 

In 2012 Selena Gomez attended the Teen Choice Award in a girly pink dress. Here Selena was 20/21 years old. She looks young, fun and pretty all in pink. This was back when Selena went for more simple but cute looks, showing she was still a teen at heart.



Selena at the MTV VMAS in 2013

At the MTV VMAS in 2013 Selena showed up in a very mature and revealing dress. This Navy Blue dress showed off her figure and maturity. This is when Selena really began to show more skin in the fashion world and take more risks on the red carpet. 

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Top 4 places I want to Visit

Hey everyone,

Travelling is a big dream of mine and there are certain places I would really like to visit. Despite wanting to see the whole world I’ve managed to chop down the list to the top 4 places I could only dream of travelling to.
4. Australia

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia and experience the hot temperatures and surfing culture. I may not know how to surf at all but the movies make it all look so easy. The beaches, wildlife and surfer guys make it a place everyone should experience. I especially want to see some Australian animals such as Kangeroos.

3. California

This is somewhere I have been dying to visit for a long long time! The place of fame and Hollywood. I think my vision of LA is a dream of celebrities. Just to see the Hollywood sign, look around Beverly Hills and LA would be amazing and I would definitely hope to feel like A main character in 90210.

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Hey Everyone,

Ive been wearing makeup for quite a few years now and I’m constantly learning new things. Ive got some tips and tricks to share with you. You might already know these or find them useless but these have helped me to improve my makeup game!



I used to use a buffing brush to do my foundation everyday, I found that this actually made my makeup ‘cakey’ and It didn’t look natural at all. Once I started using a beauty blender my foundation went smoothly on my face and was absorbed really well into my skin. I found using a beauty blender also gives me a lot better, more even coverage all over.  *Don’t forget to wet your beauty sponge*


Without using lip liner you can still make your lips look bigger. By using a dark lipstick on your lips and then a lighter shade/nude in the middle of your lips, it gives the illusion that you lips are bigger. Make sure to outline your lips with concealer or foundation with a really small brush, after applying your lipstick to make your application cleaner and bolder.

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Holiday Lookbook- 3 Days of Outfits

Day 1


On the first day I wore a simple white t-shirt which had some cute detailing around the sleeves. I paired this top with my favourite denim skirt which I have definitely had for at least 2 years. This outfit was comfy to walk around in and also airy for the hot day ahead. My sandals are new so they did become slightly uncomfortable and give me some blisters (ouch) however I think this is because its the first time I had worn them and we did do a fair bit of walking on this day.




Day 2


On this day I wore a really nice white summer dress. This dress is from Jack Wills. It is really nice and flowey as well as being super pretty. My sister actually wore this to her graduation so it can be dressed up but also worn as a casual outfit as well. Even in the heat the dress was comfortable throughout the day.

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Hey Everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking you through some makeup items you will always find in my makeup bag. This is because I love all these products and Im also very comfortable with them all, I know even when I’m in a rush I’m not going to end up looking like a disaster.

FullSizeRender 4First is the L’oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara which is a new favourite of mine. Ive been loving using this over my usual mascara (Maybelline Push up Mascara) to give me EXTRA volume! This mascara is perfect for filling out your lashes and makes them “pop” . I feel when I use this mascara there is so much more attraction drawn to my eyes and I look so much more awake and rejuvenated.
FullSizeRender 7The next thing you will always find in my makeup bag is my BarryM Eyeshadow Palette. I absolutely love this palette, firstly because it comes with an eye primer inside. This is perfect for me as I don’t already have an eye primer, it also means Im not using up un-nessesary space in my makeup bag. This palette also has 2 really lovely light colours (white and light brown) to create a natural look but with a selection of darker and more sparkely colours to create more elaborate makeup looks.


FullSizeRender 3I am a big fan of NYX but I don’t actually own a lot of their products. After trying a few testers I found their Eye crayons which I absolutely love. They have a very creamy consistency which is really easy to blend on your eyes. They are also really pigmented and they have a wide variety of bright-dark colours. The one I have is a very lovely brown/coppery colour. I can use this all over my lid on its own for a really quick eye makeup look. Even better, these eye crayons don’t crease!


FullSizeRender 5If you have been reading my blogs for a while or know me in person you will know I am a big fan of Tanya Burr! (Read my July Favourites here!) Her Beautifully Defined Palette is a favourite of mine! Inside is 3 eyeshadows a highlighter, bronzer and face glitter tint. The whole palette is great for bronzy, glittery makeup looks. The eyeshadows are really pigmented and easy to blend as well as the bronzer being really warm, sparkly and summery. I use this bronzer nearly everyday and couldn’t live without it! The only annoying thing about this as it is quite big and hard to lug around.

FullSizeRender 6GOSH is a brand that I had never tired out before a few months ago, until I got given two of their lipsticks. I am not completely in love with their buttery formula. They are so beautifully moisturising for your lips and the colours show really well. I two pinky shades which I love and can rely on with any makeup look. These are the type of lipsticks that are not meant to stay for a long time so they are perfect to carry round in your bag to top-up during the day. BUT if your not a fan of Matte Liquid Lips that are quite drying, these are fefinetly the lip products for you.


IMG_4345I love to add a bit of glitter to my Makeup and this glitter has been my go-to at the moment. Firstly it is really get pigmentation but what I find great about this is that you don’t need an glue. Simply apply it to a brush for a soft glitter look or apply with your finger for a more dense eyeshadow look. I have a gold colour but you can also purchase silver and other colours too! This pot has lasted me a long time but beware the glitter can get a bit messy 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post and like reading about my favourite go-to beauty products that you will always find in my makeup bag! Read my Drugstore Favourites here!

Let me know what your go-to products are!

xoxo love you all

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Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much to http://littledismaid.com for nominating me for this award. It means a lot to me to as I am completely new to blogging. I have now been able to explore her blog and fallen in love with it so I am sure many of you will too! Visit her blog here 🙂



The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award!
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Share two pieces of advice for new bloggers!
  5. Choose other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them. Provide the link to the post you created.

How my Blog Journey Began 

Since I was young I have always loved writing stories, using my imagination to write stories out of the ordinary. As I grew up into a pre-teen I began to hate English at school because I found it extremely difficult. I was always put into the bottom sets and told I would never be able to write because of my poor English.

A month ago I had the urge to take action in my life and start this blog to fill my need of writing. I have for a long time had a passion for beauty and so my niche came easily to me. I have found it easy to write about beauty, fashion and lifestyle because these topics genuinely interest me. At first it took a lot of confidence to post my first blog post but I’m so glad that I did! Everyday I gain more confidence and knowledge when writing. If you want to start a Blog then do it, there is nothing stopping you, even I who has always been bad at English has found a way to write 🙂

Tips to New Bloggers

  1. Motivation- My first tip is to never give up. There will be days when your blog gets 1  view or days it will get 100+. As long as you are motivated and enjoying what you are writing your blog will be amazing! Never give up even if people put you down or say you can’t do something, this is your life so do what makes you happy! remember it’s ok to make mistakes (I still make spelling mistakes all the time)
  2. Support- I think its really important to support other bloggers. (You will always get this support in return and its heart warming) The blogging word is an amazing one so get connected and it will help you to get inspiration and just to have people loving our blog. Don’t forget you can always ask other bloggers for advice 🙂

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Thanks for reading, I hope you choose to take part 🙂

xoxo love you all

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The Best Ways to Wind Down at Night

Hey Everyone,

I was looking for some lifestyle blog posts to do and this came to mind. I have always found it hard to get to sleep and relax at night but have come across a few things that definitely help to make me sleepy.

ba05c015539651ec3bc17f258abb84d0I love to turn on my fairy lights and light a candle at night to give a really pretty and relaxing glow to my room. The small amount of light helps you to settle down and the candles defiantly help to reduce tension in the room.

Having your favourite pillows is the best way to get comfortable and this will help you to feel more settled and at home. Snuggling up in your duvet as well will make you feel sleepy with the dim lighting in the room.

A night time routine is great for your mind so that you naturally settle down easier each night. Having a skin care routine and a set bed time can really help your body clock to work properly. When you have a set routine you feel more comfortable and relaxed when trying to sleep.

6e2e8b3e7b477d192e830b3f64a598b0--hot-chocolate-mix-hot-chocolate-recipesDrinking hot drinks can really calm you but unfortunately a lot of drink have caffeine in them which will keep you awake. As a tea lover I found out there is de-caffinated tea so I am sure there is a de-caffinated version of your favourite drink as well! Having this before bed is a great remedy.

For some people watching Tv at night or being on electronics can really wake them up, so in this case I would suggest you have a cut off point from your phone and laptop.(I know its hard but might be for the best and will be easy once you have a routine) However in some cases it can be really distressing to watch a movie cuddled up in bed and can make people dozy. So maybe putting on your favourite show while your rest your eyes is the best thing at night.

**Top Tip- Have a pamper evening one night a week, use a face mask, paint your nails etc then get into bed and watch a movie with your favourite pj’s on**

These are some of the things that have helped me to wind down so I hope they have helped you too! Thanks for reading 🙂

xoxo love you all

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*I do not take credit for any of the photos used in this post. They are all taken for google images*





A Day in Lisbon

Hey Everyone,

I flew out to Lisbon yesterday for a short holiday. My brother lives here in Portugal so its been nice to come and see him. Today we have been in Lisbon to explore and see the wonderful views.


The Trams in Lisbon

Its been around 22 degrees today which I thought was quite hot but apparently this isn’t very hot for Portugal. Seeing as it isn’t high temperatures, my dream of a tan might not become a reality.

We took a ferry from Almarda (where I am staying) to Lisbon where we took a nice stroll around the city. The building were all very pretty and historic. I have been to Lisbon before but had forgotten how beautiful all the scenery is.


We did plan on seeing the Jesus Statue but unfortunately when we got there it was too late and so we were not allowed close enough to see it, Hopefully tomorrow or the next day we will make some time to go back and actually go up the statue as well.



I can’t wait to go to the beach and spend the days sunbathing.If you want to see my trip in more detail I’ve started vlogging. woo. Go check out my youtube  channel if you want to see my holiday 🙂

Sorry this post hasn’t been very eventful but there are some cool posts coming later this week. Thanks for reading

Let me know if you have ever been to Portugal 😉

xoxo Love you all

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July Favourites 2017

Hey Everyone,

Im here with my first monthly favourites for June. I cant wait to show you what I’ve been loving recently so lets get straight into it 🙂

For beauty I’ve been really loving the Maybelline Fauxciles Push Up Angel Mascara. I bought this a few months ago but I’ve only just began to really love it. Its my go-to mascara at the moment because it gives my lashes so much length and and volume. Ive had so many compliments when wearing this mascara and the quality of the product has also meant I’m not buying false lashes as often,

My next beauty favourite is Benefit Posie Tint. Again I’ve had this product for a while and its always been a favourite of mine but this month inpaticular, I have been using this product non stop. Ive been doing a lot more natural makeup looks because it is summer and this pose tint gives a lovely natural pink tint to my lips without it looks over the top or un-natural.

Im a big fan of BarryM nail polishes so I bought one in a really lovely grey shade with a purple undertone. This nail colour goes with everything and also looks really pretty. It is Gelly Hi Shine from BarryM. No only is this colour amazing but the quality of BarryM nail polishes is so good, they last a really long time and I find mine don’t chip as often as other nail brands.

I’ve recently obtained a burn on my stomach and my back from using really hot hot water bottles. The scar is quite bad so I decieded to try some Bio-OIL to treat it. Although my burn has not gone away it has defiantly improved since I’ve been using the Bio-Oil so this is definitely one of my favourites that I’m going to continue to be using. I also tried it on a stretch mark of mine and it worked wonders 🙂

I feel like I have talked about Lush a lot of past posts but I really do love their products. I wont ramble too much but Ive continued to use the Lush Tea Tree Water on my face every night and it has definitely helped to keep my skin clear. (View my skin care routine here) Ive also recently purchased the “Let the Good times Roll” face scrub from lush which I did a first impressions of here. I have continued to use this product and love love love it!! Can’t imagine my life without it. It has helped my skin so much and its also really gentle on my sensitive skin.


I have two rings from Pandora which I absolutely love. I decieded to buy some nice rings because I wanted to wear them on a regular basis so I thought there was no point buying them from Newlook or Primark because the fake rings would give e green marks, I thought it was a better investment to buy real silver ones. I love these but went through a faze of not wearing them, however recently Ive been wearing them Non stop and I cant go out without them on. They complete my outfit!

If you know me, I absolutely love candles. My sister recently bought me one and Ive been burning it a lot in the past few weeks. I absolutely love the smell of it. It is called Warm Beachwood. I believe she got this from Tk Maxx. I love the smell it fills my room with and also its so therapeutic to have candles burning.

Last but not least, this favourite is a Tv show. I didn’t watch it last year but I decided to get on the band wagon and watch Love Island. Ive been completely  addicted and cant go a day without watching it. Let me know if you watch Love Island and if so who you want to win, I never thought I would say this but I sort of want Amber and Kem for the win but then again Camilla and Jamie are the cutest 🙂

 Thanks for reading my monthly favourites and I’ll see you next time. Follow for more content 🙂

xoxo love you all

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Best Products for Curly Hair (Frizz Tame) – Affordable

Hey Everyone,

I’ve had thick, curly/wavy hair all my life. I struggle with it being really frizzy and dry but after years of trying different products, I’ve found some that I really love. Here are some of the products that have helped me tame my frizzy hair.


John Frieda Deep Conditioner- This conditioner is absolutely amazing. After using it just once I was addicted from the moisture it gave my hair. I also straight away could feel it was helping to repair my hair and give it strength. Using this product helped to calm my hair from the frizz but also give it health. When I ran out of this I couldn’t bare using a different conditioner, it is defiantly a product you have to keep using to maintain and improve the condition of your hair.

Price: £6.99

Where to buy: Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets 

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Tattoo Inspiration

Hey Everyone,

I absolutely love tattoos and cannot wait until I’m 18 and can actually get one. Despite loving tattoos I would only ever want a really small one. At the moment I was love one in between my fingers or on my wrist. Here are some of the ones I really like…

d7573300dae1ec2dc39664c187aabeb1This one is my absolute favourite, I think it is so cute! Obviously I wouldn’t have mine matching with anyone but would probably have it on my left wrist.




If I went for a finger tattoo I would love this bird design in my wedding finger like this one below but not as many birds.



I also love these with the planets and the heart. They are again really cute but I definitely think the birds are my favourite.

Its 5 months until my 18th birthday and I’m definitely going to get one on the day. I do worry that getting a tattoo on my hand could effect my job because I want to work with children.

Let me know if you are aware if these types of tattoos could effect me working with children.

Do you all like tattoos and if so what would you get?

Thanks for reading

xoxo love you all

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Isle of Wight- Weekend Away

Hey Everyone,

Ive spent the weekend in the Isle of Wight. Ive never been before so my mum decided to book us a night away. It was surprisingly very hot after a few rainy days in England. The views were amazing and we were never far from a beach. It was so nice to be able to sunbathe and be able to explore for a while.Here are a few photos from my trip…

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Graduation Outfit of the Day <3

Hey Everyone

19576175_10212781482747165_1140733436_nIts my sisters graduation today (Friday 30th June) so I thought I would share with you my outfit. I really wanted a dress that was summery but not too formal. I absolutely love the dress I got because its soo pretty.
I love the lace and the flowers. I really wanted to wear some heels but was worried about not being able to walk in them and also that they would hurt my feet. I found these really cute ones, they are super comfy and the thicker heel mean they are so much easier to walk in. I absolutely love the laces on the front as well!

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Beauty Wishlist June 2017

Hey everyone, 

There are soo many beauty products I really want to try out at the moment but that I haven’t gotten around to buying. I thought I would make a beauty Wishlist to show you some of these. If you have any of these let me know down below, also let me know whats on your beauty Wishlist 🙂

  • tb_too_faced_better_than_sex_mascara_image_gallery_05_r01Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara- (£19) Ive seen soo many amazing reviews on this mascara and it honestly looks amazing. I do love drugstore mascaras but have never used one from a more expensive brand. I would love to see how this compares to my favourite mascaras.



  • benefit-porefessional-matte-rescue-review-2Benefit Pore Professional Matte Rescue Primer-(£23) I have used this Primer before and its honestly my favourite primer of ALL TIME. I felt it really helped my makeup to last all day but also it was really kind to my skin and made it feel really soft. It helped to mattify my face and keep my foundation on for longer than usual. Im so excited to re-buy this but haven’t got enough money at the moment 🙂
  • 2302801Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette- (£39) I have been looking at this palette for a long time. I absolutely love all of the colours inside. I have heard it is very pigmented and I know this palette is a favourite for a lot of people. I love a peachy makeup look, so I really hope to buy this soon.
  • 772-alt-3Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation- I have seen a lot of people use this foundation and it looks like a really lovely lightweight formula. It also looks very good coverage but gives a really lovely natural look. I love foundations like this and have been dying to try this one.



Disclaimer: I do not take credit for any of these photos they have been taken from google images.

Thank you so much for reading , Im posting everyday so make sure to follow and comment what you would like to read 🙂

xoxo love you all

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Pretty Little Liars FINALE REVIEW

Last night the finale of Pretty Little Liars hit out screens. I’ve been watching this show for about three years and I’ve been completely OBSESSED. I must have watched it from start to finish at least 3 times.

Honestly even thinking that my favourite show of all time is OVER makes me super sad and leaves me wondering what the hell I’m going to watch on tv now. (apart from Riverdale )

I live in the UK so while everyone in the US knew who AD was and had seen the finale, I had to restrain from social media overnight because I knew there would be memes all over twitter and I did not want any spoilers.

Before watching the episode I really thought Ezra was going to turn out to be AD. I had seen rumours speculating and I thought it might be him because it would be very shocking and I felt he could definelty have been playing as someone else this whole time.

The episode at first confused me because it was forward in time, Alison and Emily had their twin babies and it was near Ezra and Arias wedding day. I think it was really strange to see them all married and having children when we have ‘known’ these characters since they were teenagers. At the same time it gave me such a warm feeling to see all the characters with their original first loves.

When meeting Spencer’s twin I was super confused and to be honest it was all a bit messed up but at the same time isn’t everything AD does a bit messed up?

I have to admit I got really emotional when Spencer and Toby were playing scrabble, I guess it reminded me of older seasons of them being together.

I think that the episode was really good, I love the bit where Ezra and Spencer realised they were still underground, It was like memories of the dolls house and I loved it. I also loved when Toby knew which one was the real Spencer (True love right there)

The main problem for me is that I still have so many questions. Where was Lucas? What about Jason, I feel like he would have made an appearance. Also is wren actually dead?

The very ending was an odd one for me personally. When I saw those teen girls in the barn I said to myself “here we go” and I knew exactly what was going to happen. I even said the blonde girls lines with her because I knew what she was going to say. “I think I heard her scream” but it left me wondering, why would this all happen again? why would Addison go missing, didn’t this all happen because of their messed up family? Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it confused me slightly.

I also got very emotional at the goodbye scene, when all the girls were saying goodbye to Aria as she went off to her honeymoon. (Hopefully I wasn’t the only one that cried when watching this) I felt they were really saying goodbye to us as viewers and it breaks my heart. Honestly this show has been my life for so long and I cant even comprehend that I just watched the LAST EVER EPISODE.

Did any of you watch the PLL FINALE? Let me know what you thought of it below. Im such an emotional wreck right now 😦

Thanks for reading.

xoxo love you all

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My skinCare Routine

Today I’m going to show you my skin care routine. Its very simple but this is what works for my skin. I used to use a lot of products on my skin but it resulted in me breaking out even more and my skin becoming very dry. So I’ve been using these products for a while and they seem to be working for me.

First I use my trusty Micellar water to remove my makeup with some cotton wool pads. When I’m having a lazy day I tend to just use my micellar water as it gets rid of all my makeup really well and its really quick and easy to use.

IMG_3403-2Next I like to use a facial scrub.I love scrubs because I feel that it really removes all the dirt from my face. At the moment I have been using one from Clean and Clear called ‘Morning energy’. It really brightens my face and leave my skin feeling super clean.

IMG_3404-2Next I use my simple moisturiser. Its super lightweight on my face but gives me a perfect amount of hydration. some moisturisers I’ve used have made me break out but this Simple  one is really kind and gentle on my skin.

IMG_3405-2After my moisturiser has sunk into my skin I like to use this spray from Lush. It is a Tee Tree Oil spray which has really helped with my spots lately. I spray it all over my face before I go to sleep. After a few weeks of using it I realised it had really reduced my spots and my skin is looking a lot clearer so I am loving this at the moment.

IMG_3406-2Every now and then I like to add a pore strip into my skin routine . I hate seeing blackheads on my nose and find it quite satisfying to do one of these. I probably do one every 2-3 weeks. I don’t use a particular brand but the photo shows the ones I’m using at the moment.

So this is my skin routine at the moment. I don’t like to use lots of products but these ones having been working well for my skin at the moment.

Let me know what your fav skin care products are 🙂

Thanks for reading

xoxo love you all

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask: First Impression <3

I’ve seen these face masks everywhere recently but I’ve never actually tried one. My sister bought me one and I thought I would let you all know what I think of it.


The mask claims to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and revitalised as well as leaving your skin with intense moisture. This one in paticular is best for dry or sensitive skin. I would say I have dry skin so hopefully this will help my skin to be more soft and hydrated.

When I put the mask on, despite it being slightly too big for my face, it felt very refreshing and moisturising. I left it on for 15 minutes and then massaged the excess serum into my skin.

Afterwards My skin felt quite sticky but my skin looked bright and had a nice healthy glow to it. I wouldn’t say the mask gave me any moisture because my skin actually felt a bit tight and dryer than before. The mask definitely helped the appearance of my skin to make it look refreshed and healthier but it didn’t leave me feeling soft or nourished like it said it would. I don’t think I would try this mask again as I have masks that are very  hydrating and leave me with better results. I was slightly disappointed especially as it said its a super hydrating mask.

Let me know if you have tried this mask before and if you have liked it 🙂

Thanks for reading

xoxo love you all

Drugstore Summer Beauty Favourites

I’ve been really loving reading all about peoples beauty favourites recently. So I thought I would give it a go myself. Im not the beauty expert but I do enjoy all things beauty. So here are a few things I have been loving in the last few weeks.

  1. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation


I call this my summer foundation. Its a perfect medium coverage and gives a beautiful glow to your skin. It gives that summer shine that makes your skin look healthy, refreshed and like it says on the front awake. It feels so lightweight on my face but gives a really nice coverage covering all my redness and spots without giving a cakey look.

2.  Tanya Burr Bronzer – from the Beautifully Defined Palette 

tanya burr palette 1

The bronzer in this palette is perfect for a glowy summer makeup look. It adds warmth to the face for a lovely bronzed look but it also has a bit of glitter that gives you that healthy glow to the skin. Its perfect for a really natural summer makeup look.

3.  Lottie London ‘The Rose Golds’ Eyeshadow 


Again going along with the glowy makeup theme we have going on, these eyeshadows are so pretty and glittery and so in style at the moment with the pinky/ rose gold theme. Perfect for natural makeup looks but can also be perfect for going out at night to make a super glam glittery look. They are super pigmented and sooo pretty.

4. Garner Summer Body moisturizer


I guess this doesn’t count as a beauty product but I have been loving this lately. I have tried using fake tan but always end up being streaky and its far too much hassle. So I thought I would give this a go and I’m super glad I did! Its given me a beautiful tan that isn’t streaky at all and doesn’t transfer onto my clothes or anything. Its super natural and builds up daily when you apply the moisturizer. I definitely recommend as its super easy to apply and no fuss involved.

5. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

COLLECTIONCON1_zps745d6222 I feel like I am late to the party with this concealer. People have been raving about it for so long and finally I decided to buy one myself. IT IS MY FAVOURITE CONCEALER EVER!! Honestly it has the best coverage for my under eyes, it is super brightening and it lasts ALL day! I’m super pleased and can’t imagine my life without this concealer,


Thanks for reading a few of my beauty favourites. I just want to point out that I take no credit for the photos used in this post they are all taken from google images so I do not own any of them.

Posting everyday so make sure to follow 🙂

xoxo love u all